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'    ‘SS Product Tracker” 

If you are in some kind of selling and servicing Product, this software could be for you.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Typical setup where this can add value:                                                                                                                               

You get some product from a manufacturer/ supplier and then sell it to end consumer.

In this type of setup main challenge is to track the sales and then servicing the complaints received from customers. Also details of guarantee on each product is very crucial part for servicing in this setup.   For successfully meeting the challenge you need exact information.    This software will help you in meeting your information need under this type of setup.

Example: A Computer Hardware and Software Vendor using this  to keep track, improve service.

                   A Medical Equipment  selling company using this to keep track of its products.


Please  download the file, unzip  it and Install It on your desktop or laptop.                                                                       

To DOWNLOAD                                                                                                                               

If you  have MS Office 2007 or Higher version   and 32 bit operationg environment like windows XP                                                            

Click  SS Product Tracker Light  

If you  have earlier  version  say MS Office 2003 or do not have MS Office and 32 bit operationg environment like windows XP   

Click  SS Product Tracker           

It’s a Trial version and you will be allowed to enter  a maximum of ten records This gives you ample opportunity to test the software. When you are fully satisfied and feels that this Software does add value to your Business . Please buy an unlock key for removing the record lock .


Base version: 50 US $. Per Unlock Key

With Modifications : As per  your need 50 US $ for base version plus Modification Fee. (Modification fee will be based on your requirement and will be decided  after mutual discussions

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